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Prisca Lim headshot

MS Candidate, Marine Sciences, UNC-CH

Prisca completed a Bachelors in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Chemistry at UNC (Class of 2022). They started research in the Galapagos Islands in their freshman year and is now focusing on a 5-year dataset spanning both an El Niño and a La Niña event for their masters thesis. Prisca’s work highlights the importance of phytoplankton as primary producers and the base of the marine food web. Understanding how phytoplankton respond to environmental changes is crucial to elucidate how the marine ecosystem may adapt to climate change.

Visit Prisca’s Research Website for more information.


Hyeon Jang, S., Lim, P., Torano, O., Neave, E.F., Seim, H., & Marchetti, A. (2022). Protistan communities within the Galápagos Archipelago with an emphasis on micrograzers. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9.