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GSC Researcher, Daniela Alarcón, and team first to tag blue whales in Galapagos

Written by Kelly Weaver, Director of External Affairs & Communications at UNC Center for Galapagos Studies In late September 2021, Galapagos Science Center researcher Dani Alarcón set off on an excursion to attempt something that had not been done before – tagging blue whales in the Galapagos waters. Blue whales are thought to be rising in population globally, yet surprisingly little data has been collected regarding their movements and habits, especially in Galapagos. That is, until now. In collaboration with Dr. Hector Guzman, from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), expert in megafauna movements and experienced researcher on tagging marine mammals, Dani and her team working in conjunction with the Galapagos National Park recently returned from a 10-day … Continued Read more

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