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Collage of four images, left to right: A group of study abroad students enters the woods; a student gathers data on the beach near a group of sea lions; a large group of study abroad students cluster together; a researcher wearing lab equipment stands inside a lab.

The UNC Galapagos Initiative offers a Summer Study Abroad Program in the Galapagos Islands that allows undergraduate students to earn 6-credit hours of UNC credit by enrolling in two 3-week intensive courses in the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Initiative is committed to an interdisciplinary and immersive student program in the Galapagos that seamlessly moves between the classroom, field, and lab for experimentation, learning, and discovery. Summer study abroad programs offered during the summer include UNC Ecology in the Galapagos and UNC Spanish in the Galapagos.

To learn more about and apply, visit the UNC Study Abroad website.

Video by UNC Communications, Johnny Andrews
Video by study abroad student, Jintong Wu

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