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The Center for Galapagos Studies Seed Grants are designed to foster the development of research partnerships and projects in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, with a focus on the Galapagos Science Center, a jointly developed and supported facility of UNC-Chapel Hill and the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Grants are to UNC faculty to undertake preliminary research or to enhance existing projects that lead to external grant applications. Preference is given to new project initiatives. The Galapagos Initiative emphasizes the study of the social, terrestrial, and marine sub-systems in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador and their integration through a focus on population, health, and environment.

Research Projects 2023 – 2024

Trophic control of fisheries production in the Galapagos and beyond

People: Janet Ashley Nye

Reducing the dual burden of child malnutrition through double-duty actions

People: Heather Wasser

Exploring the Relationships Between Diet Quality, Farm Access, and Anemia in Galapagos

People: Alfredo Jose Rojas

Research Projects 2022 – 2023

Agri(cultures) of Disease and Climate Adaptation in the Galapagos

People: Caela O’Connell

Native Galapagos wildlife responses to invasive species management and sea-level rise

People: Paul Taillie

The interplay between global change and host-pathogen dynamics

People: Senay Yitbarek

Academic-Practice Partnership for Professional Development (ADAPT)

People: Megan Williams, Ashley Bryant

The Power of Place for Education: An Exploration of Place-Based Learning in the Galapagos

People: Troy Sadler

Movement patterns and habitat use of juvenile scalloped hammerhead sharks

People: Savannah Ryburn, John Bruno

Research Projects 2019 – 2020

Techno-ecological synergies for sustainable energy management in the Galapagos Islands: An analysis of resource and cost

People: Noah Kittner

Temporal and seasonal effects on the composition of plant-associated microbial communities at different microclimates on the Galapagos Islands

People: Elizabeth Shank, Diego Riveros-Iregui

DNA sequencing of Galápagos seaweeds: A critical need to understand the marine biota

People: Todd Vision, Paul Gabrielson

Diabetes prevention and management: Tailoring global models to Galapagos

People: John Buse, Edwin Fisher

Research Projects 2018 – 2019

Timber of agroforestry and sustainability on the island of San Cristóbal

People: Javier Arce-Nazario

Exploring the social and emotional impact of living with type 2 diabetes among adults in Galapagos

People: Clare Barrington, Edwin Fisher

Fostering Educational Mobility and Well-Being on the Galapagos Islands

People: Dana Griffin, David Ansong

Knowledge, Livelihoods, and Marine Spatial planning in the Galapagos Marine Reserve

People: Elizabeth Havice, Gabriela Valdivia

Grass Genomes from the Galapagos: Extending the Ecuadorean Grass Genome Conservation Project

People: Alan Jones, Corbin Jones

Evaluating lithium (Li) isotopes to understand critical zone development in tropical islands: a systematic assessment on San Cristobal Island, Galapagos

People: Xiaoming Liu, Diego Riveros-Iregui

Exploring the frequency and consequences of hybridization between endemic and invasive plant species in the Galapagos islands

People: Todd Vision, Bryan Reatini

Soil Microbial Community Composition across an Elevation Gradient on the Galapagos Islands.

People: Elizabeth Shank, Diego Riveros-Iregui

Linking the marine ecosystem to marine aerosols: Field campaign in the Galapagos Islands

People: William Vizuete

Feasibility of home visitation support measures for parenting skills and mental health symptoms in Mothers of Young Children (0-3) in the Galapagos

People: Julee Waldrop, Amanda Thompson