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The Center for Galapagos Studies (CGS) interviewed a mix of our faculty and student researchers to discuss their projects in the Galapagos, their goals for the projects, and their experiences conducting research on the islands, including the collaborative aspect of CGS research with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) and the joint Galapagos Science Center (GSC). Enjoy their answers in the videos below!


Amanda Thompson, Associate Professor, Anthropology and Nutrition

Adrian Marchetti, Associate Professor, Marine Sciences

Bryan Reatini, PhD student emeritus, Biology

Ken Lohmann, Charles P. Postelle, Jr. Distinguished Professor, Biology

Diego Riveros-Iregui, Bowman and Gordan Gray Distinguished Prof., Geography

Scott Gifford, Assistant Professor, Marine Sciences

Alyssa Grube, PhD student emeritus, Environmental Science & Engineering

Khristopher Nicholas, PhD student emeritus, Nutrition

Jill Stewart, Singer Distinguished Professor, Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Will Vizuete, Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Clare Barrington, Associate Professor, Department of Health Behavior