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Acacia Zhao

MS Candidate, Department of Marine Sciences, UNC-CH


Adrian Marchetti, PhD

Associate Professor, Marine Sciences, UNC-CH
CGS Faculty Research Director
GSC Advisory Board, Member

Faculty, GSC Board

Alex Hearn, PhD

Professor, School of Biological and Environmental Sciences, USFQ
Adjunct Professor, Biology, UNC-CH


Alyssa Grube, MS, PhD

MS, PhD, Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, UNC-CH
National Science Foundation, Graduate Research Fellow

Graduate Students Emeriti

Amanda Thompson, PhD, MPH

Co-Director, Center for Galapagos Studies, UNC
Co-Director, Galapagos Science Center, San Cristobal, Ecuador
Associate Chair and Professor, Anthropology, UNC
Professor, Nutrition, UNC
GSC Advisory Board, ex-officio

Administration, Faculty, GSC Board

Andrea Encalada, PhD

Vice-Rector, USFQ
Lab Director, Aquatic Ecology, BIOSFERA Research Institute, USFQ
Adjunct Professor, Geography, UNC-CH


Antonio León, PhD

Professor, Agricultural and Food Biotechnology, USFQ
Adjunct Professor, Biology, UNC-CH


Corbin Jones, PhD

Professor, Biology, UNC-CH
Faculty Director of Genomic Technologies, UNC School of Medicine
CGS Faculty Research Director
GSC Advisory Board, Member


Cynthia Fraga, PhD, MSW

Associate Professor, School of Social Work, UNC-CH
John A. Tate Early Career Scholar


Diego Quiroga, PhD

Rector, USFQ
Vice President of Research and International Programs, USFQ
Co-Director, Galapagos Academic Institute of Arts and Sciences (GAIAS), USFQ
Professor, Environmental and Life Sciences, USFQ
Adjunct Professor, Geography