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Headshot of Janet Nye

Associate Professor, Institute of Marine Sciences, UNC-CH
Associate Professor, Earth, Marine, and Environmental Sciences, UNC-CH

Dr. Nye’s research focuses on the effects of climate variability and climate change on fish, fisheries, and marine ecosystems. Specifically, she studies how climate and fishing interact to cause shifts in spatial distribution and abundance of fish and invertebrates in the Northwest Atlantic, including local fisheries in Long Island Sound and Great South Bay. Her research is used to inform how climate change may affect species that have been petitioned under the Endangered Species Act. She also runs the Nye Lab, which uses mathematical and statistical methods to study fish populations and coastal ecosystems.

With funding from a Center for Galapagos Studies Seed Grant, Dr. Nye is working in Galapagos to develop and refine mass balance food web models for several regions in the archipelago, to understand the relationship between oceanography, species assemblages, and upper trophic level production.

Learn more about Dr. Nye’s research in the Galapagos in this news article.

Research Projects

Trophic control of fisheries production in the Galapagos and beyond