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Co-Director, Galapagos Science Center (USFQ)
Director, Galapagos Research (USFQ)
Director, Institute of Geography, USFQ
Professor, Geography, USFQ
Adjunct Professor, Geography, UNC-CH
GSC Advisory Board, Member

Dr. Carlos Mena is a geographer interested in a wide variety of issues that emerge from the interaction between social and natural systems, including the impacts of extractive industries (oil and mining), land use and land cover in the tropics, climate change and infectious diseases, and tourism research.

Methodologically, his research uses a combination of social survey methods, remote sensing and spatial analysis, complex models (Agent Based Models), and participatory/community methods of data collection.

His work has been funded by the US Academy of Sciences, The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, NASA, The Inter-American Institute for Global Change, HIVOS, the Ecuadorian Government, USAID, and USFQ.

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