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Headshot of Alfredo Rojas

Postdoctoral Trainee, Carolina Population Center, UNC-CH

Alfredo Rojas is a Postdoctoral Trainee at the Carolina Population Center. His current research focuses on the relationship between climate change and health. Specifically, he is analyzing a global dataset of Demographic and Health Survey data and temperature/precipitation data to determine how climate anomalies impact anemia in women aged 15-49. He has previously done fieldwork in West Africa on agriculture and environmental change.

With funding from a Center for Galapagos Studies Seed Grant, Rojas is conducting research in the archipelago in order to understand the relationship between dietary diversity, farm access, and health, focusing on hemoglobin levels and anemia status.

Learn more about Rojas’ research in the Galapagos in this news article.

Research Projects

Exploring the Relationships Between Diet Quality, Farm Access, and Anemia in Galapagos