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Dr. Greg Lewbart and his colleagues published their research on the health of endangered Galápagos sea lions in the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. This work assesses how the parasitic worm, Philophthalmus zalophi, which resides in the eyes of sea lions and contributes to their morbidity and mortality, manifests in sea lions on San Cristóbal island. Read the full article using the citation below.


Phillips BE, Páez-Rosas D, Flowers JR, Cullen JM, Law JM, Colitz C, Deresienski D, Lohmann KJ, Lewbart GA . (2018). Evaluation of the ophthalmic disease and histopathologic effects due to the ocular trematode Philophthalmus zalophi on juvenile Galápagos sea lions (Zalophus wollebaeki). J Zoo Wild Med 49(3):581-590

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