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Schmitt's adventurous nature and curiosity secures her National Geographic grant

Sarah Schmitt’s Geography Ph.D. research in the Galapagos is funded by the Geological Society of America and the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Now it’s time to add National Geographic to the list.

Schmitt has received a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant for her work on “Using Stable Isotopes to Understand Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Water Cycling in the Galapagos.”

According to National Geographic,

“Today, Young Explorers grants help cover field project costs for hard-working, passionate, creative individuals with great ideas. We focus on the disciplines we’re known for, and also on emerging fields that matter most to understanding—and improving—the world we share.”

More information on the Young Explorers grants can be found at the National Geographic website.

Schmitt’s research is part of a broader effort led by her advisor, UNC geographer Dr. Diego Riveros-Iregui, that is focused on hydrologic factors affecting both the social and ecological sustainability of the Galapagos Islands, where water is a key resource in the coupled human and natural systems.

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