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On land, Galapagos research is focused on the distributions and effects of plant and animal species, communities, and their interactions with humans in a changing physical environment. Even the giant tortoises of the Galapagos are ecosystem engineers, shaping the archipelago’s terrestrial ecology. Interactions between Galapagos and the mainland occur via man-made air and sea pathways, and are the focus of species mobility studies, invasive species research, and programs to restore altered ecosystems. Our terrestrial ecology researchers examine succession studies, evolution and adaptive radiation, invasive species and eradication, and habit stress, recuperation, and restoration.

Understanding marine iguanas

Water cycles and soil formation

Research Projects

Agriculture, Wildlife, and Land Use in the Galapagos

People: Francisco Laso, Steve Walsh, Javier Arce-Nazario
Departments: Geography


Beaches in the Galapagos

People: Steve Walsh, Laura Brewington, Phil Page, Brian Frizzelle
Departments: Geography


Grass Genomes X Environments: A Hypothesis/Discovery-based Approach Connecting Genome with the Phenome of Plant Habit and Behavior in Natural Settings

People: Alan Jones, Corbin Jones
Departments: Biology

High Resolution, Commercial Satellite Imagery for Island Studies

People: Steve Walsh, Laura Brewington, Yang Shao, Francisco Laso, and Phil Page
Departments: Geography


Hybridization between Endemic and Invasive Plant Species in the Galapagos

People: Bryan Reatini, María de Lourdes Torres, Hugo Valdebenito, and Todd Vision
Departments: Biology


Lessons from the Environmental Resistome in Galapagos: A One Health Perspective

People: Alyssa Grube, Jill Stewart
Departments: Environmental Sciences & Engineering


Synthesis of Drivers, Patterns, and Trajectories of LCLUC in Island Ecosystems, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

People: Steve Walsh, Richard Bilsborrow, Laura Brewington, Yang Shao, Hernando Mattei,  Francisco Laso, Phil Page, Brian Frizzelle
Departments: Geography


Water Cycling and Critical Zone Processes in the Tropics: The Galapagos as a Natural Laboratory

People: Xiaoming Liu, Diego Riveros-Iregui
Departments: Geological Sciences, Geography