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Marine ecology faculty and students study habitats, populations, and interactions among marine organisms and their environments in the near-shore and protected waters of the Galapagos Marine Reserve. As the fourth largest marine reserve worldwide, and the site of converging warm and cold oceanic currents on the equator, the marine environments of Galapagos are unusually diverse habitats of permanent and migrating vertebrate, invertebrate, mammalian, and avian communities. Our marine ecology researchers investigate mapping/modeling of marine ecosystems, biodiversity and biogeography, communities and endemism, habitat dynamics, population distribution and dynamics, migration and environmental change, and bio-acoustics.

Dr. Adrian Marchetti investigates ocean change

Graduate students investigate marine ecology

Research Projects


Beaches in the Galapagos

People: Steve Walsh, Laura Brewington, Phil Page, Brian Frizzelle
Departments: Geography


High Resolution, Commercial Satellite Imagery for Island Studies

People: Steve Walsh, Laura Brewington, Yang Shao, Francisco Laso, Phil Page
Departments: Geography


Impacts of Ocean Change on the Galapagos Marine Ecosystem

People: Adrian Marchetti, Harvey Seim, Scott Gifford
Departments: Marine Sciences


Lessons from the Environmental Resistome in Galapagos: A One Health Perspective

People: Alyssa Grube, Jill Stewart
Departments: Environmental Sciences & Engineering


Modeling Fisheries in the Galapagos Islands

People: Steve Walsh, Kim Engie, Phil Page, Brian Frizzelle
Departments: Geography



Synthesis of Drivers, Patterns, and Trajectories of LCLUC in Island Ecosystems, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

People: Steve Walsh, Richard Bilsborrow, Laura Brewington, Yang Shao, Hernando Mattei,  Francisco Laso, Phil Page, Brian Frizzelle
Departments: Geography


Water Cycling and Critical Zone Processes in the Tropics: The Galapagos as a Natural Laboratory

People: Xiaoming Liu, Diego Riveros-Iregui
Departments: Geological Sciences, Geography