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Many of our projects focus on environmental change as the key factor for understanding how we help manage and conserve our precious global environment worldwide. Environmental changes stemming from natural disasters, human activity or ecological processes can shape the availability of natural resources, the abundance and distribution of the islands’ flora and fauna, and the interaction between humans and their environment. The Galapagos provides an ideal laboratory for understanding these issues in other settings around the world.

Our projects include topics in:

  • Natural Hazards
  • One Health
  • Hydrology & Water Management
  • Earth Systems Modeling
  • Climate Change, Adaptation & Mitigation

Water cycles and soil formation

Ocean temperatures affect the food web

Research Projects

Lessons from the Environmental Resistome in Galapagos: A One Health Perspective

People: Alyssa Grube and Jill Stewart
Departments: Environmental Sciences & Engineering

High Resolution, Commercial Satellite Imagery for Island Studies

People: Steve Walsh, Laura Brewington, Yang Shao, Francisco Laso, and Phil Page
Departments: Geography


Synthesis of Drivers, Patterns, and Trajectories of LCLUC in Island Ecosystems, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

People: Steve Walsh, Richard Bilsborrow, Laura Brewington, Yang Shao, Hernando Mattei,  Francisco Laso, Phil Page, and Brian Frizzelle
Departments: Geography

Water Cycling and Critical Zone Processes in the Tropics: The Galapagos as a Natural Laboratory

People: Xiaoming Liu and Diego Riveros-Iregui
Departments: Geological Sciences, Geography