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CGS Seed Grants

February 13, 2020

Awards are designed to foster the development of research partnerships and projects in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, with a focus on the Galapagos Science Center, a jointly developed and supported facility of UNC-Chapel Hill and the Universidad San Francisco … Continued

Terrestrial Ecology

January 30, 2020

On land, Galapagos research is focused on the distributions and effects of plant and animal species, communities, and their interactions with humans in a changing physical environment. Even the giant tortoises of the Galapagos are ecosystem engineers, shaping the archipelago’s … Continued

Human Environment Interactions

January 30, 2020

Today the Galapagos Islands, a milestone of sustainability, are faced with the challenges of consumptive demands of a growing tourism sector, an increasing residential population attracted to the Galapagos for jobs in the tourism industry, environmental management institutions and policies … Continued

Marine Ecology

January 30, 2020

Marine ecology faculty and students study habitats, populations, and interactions among marine organisms and their environments in the near-shore and protected waters of the Galapagos Marine Reserve. As the fourth largest marine reserve worldwide, and the site of converging warm … Continued