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Dr. Greg Lewbart and his team just published an article about the biology and physiology of Galápagos shearwaters in the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. Dr. Lewbart is a veterinarian who is a part of an international team of scientists studying the health of Galápagos wildlife. Their team has investigated the health and biology of sea turtles, marine iguanas, giant tortoises, sea lions, and many other species. Check out his most recent article on Galápagos shearwaters with the citation below.

Valle CA, Ulloa C, Deresienski D, Regalado C, Muñoz-Pérez JP, Garcia J, Hardesty BD, Skehel A Lewbart GA. (2020). Health status and baseline hematology, biochemistry and blood gas values of Galapagos shearwaters (Puffinus subalaris). J Zoo Wild Med 50(4):1026-1030.

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