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Dr. Amanda Thompson leads a new publication in the American Journal of Human Biology based on her research in the Galápagos Islands. The results of this article suggest that exposure to both poor water access and food insecurity together are associated with greater odds of a dual burden of overweight and noncommunicable disease risk factors (OWT/NCD) and undernutrition and infectious disease symptoms (UND/ID) in the Galápagos. The figure below provides the conceptual model for this work.

Dr. Margaret Bentley, graduate student Khristopher Nicholas, and undergraduate student Elijah Watson also contributed to this work. Read the article using the citation below.


Thompson AL, Nicholas KM, Watson E, Terán E, Bentley, ME. (2019). Water, food, and the dual burden of disease in Galápagos, Ecuador. American Journal of Human Biology.

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