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Remote Sensing on Galapagos Beaches and Vulnerability Assessments

April 12, 2024

People: Carlos Mena, Phil Page, Steve Walsh, María Sampedro, Lorena Benítez, Patricia Martínez, María Belén Zapata, Manuel Narváez, Fernando Astudillo, Ariel Pila, Ricardo Torres, and Cristian Javier Serrano Heredia  The beaches of the Galapagos Islands are substantially affected by the … Read more

High Resolution, Commercial Satellite Imagery for Island Studies

January 28, 2020

People: Steve Walsh, Laura Brewington, Yang Shao, Francisco Laso, and Phil Page This project aims to characterize the human dimension on islands through an image time-series generated from Digital Globe and Planet Labs data, particularly, small-scale agriculture and the rural-urban … Read more