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Administrative Manager and Events Coordinator, Center for Galapagos Studies & GSC

Katya was born in Peru and has lived in the United States since 2003. She is a native Spanish speaker with 10+ years of experience working in the travel industry, where she trained personnel in five different countries. She earned a BA in Management and Society with a minor in Hispanic Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill. She is passionate about protecting the environment and enjoys working with people from around the world.

Katya is responsible for the CGS Administrative Management, which includes working directly with the Galapagos Science Center’s Assistant Director to improve protocols, develop institutional manuals, and produce relevant documentation. She also assists the GSC’s team to manage services, programs, logistics, and activities. 

Katya is also responsible for Financial Management, including purchasing equipment, bookkeeping, billing, and managing accounts receivable. She also coordinates international wire transfers with the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito for our international projects.

Last, Katya provides information and assistance to UNC’s staff, faculty, and students interested in traveling to the Galapagos to conduct research. In particular, she assists in obtaining their transit certificates, required for all affiliates researching in the Galapagos. Finally, she coordinates events, including the annual research symposium in the Galapagos and research & education events on the UNC campus.