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Jill Stewart headshot

Singer Distinguished Professor of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, UNC-CH
CGS Faculty Research Director
GSC Advisory Board, Chair

Dr. Stewart develops novel techniques to detect and track pathogens in water. She is particularly interested in linkages between ecosystems and human health and well-being. Areas of specialty include water and shellfish quality. She is also interested in evaluating the impacts of non-point source pollution, and in evaluating the manner in which human activities (development, stormwater management) can affect their exposure to microbial contaminants. Overall, this research is leading to a greater understanding of how environmental conditions can affect human health and how humans themselves influence this process.

Dr. Stewart is committed to pursuing high impact, interdisciplinary research at the nexus of ecosystems and human health, and in bridging silos between traditional academic disciplines.She leads efforts to build the research enterprise across departments including leading faculty research directors from across campus to identify critical research questions and to work together to understand the complex interactions between people and the environment.

Research Projects