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Bryan Reatini headshot

PhD Biology, UNC-CH 2021
Fulbright Scholar

While at UNC, Bryan investigated the ecology and evolution of island plants, with particular emphasis on the interactions between native and invasive species. One of the goals of his research was to improve our understanding of the threats that invasive species pose to native biodiversity in order to aid the conservation of the unique organisms found on islands such as the Galapagos. Bryan was also passionate about spreading environmental awareness, teaching subjects of ecology and evolution, and training the next generation of scientists and conservationists. As such, he was always looking for new education and outreach opportunities. When he graduated UNC, he hoped to pursue his passion for research and education as a professor.

Bryan’s research was funded by the US Fulbright Student Program, the Society for the Study of Evolution, the Alma Holland Beers Scholarship, the W.C. Coker Fellowship, and the Mrs. Louise Coker Fellowship.

Research Projects