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Why I Love the Galapagos Islands: Dr. Stephen J. Walsh

February 14, 2022

Dr. Stephen J. Walsh is a Distinguished Emeritus Professor and Research Professor of Geography at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as the founding Emeritus Director of the Center for Galapagos Studies and the Galapagos Science … Continued

Galapagos: A Gateway for Global Research

February 8, 2022

For more than 10 years, the UNC Center for Galápagos Studies has been a hub of collaborative research activity spanning many disciplines, with the potential to impact the globe. Diego Riveros-Iregui and Amanda Thompson, the center’s new interim co-directors, strive … Continued

In Galapagos, conservation science finds startup solution

November 10, 2021

Shortly after graduating from Florida State University, Macarena Morillo returned to her home country of Ecuador and started doing what most college graduates do: hunting for a job. But when her job search led Morillo and her sister to begin chasing a lifelong … Continued